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Rolling Stone - Five for Friday "A call-out delivered with unflinching clarity"

Run The Trap - Future Thursdays Vol. 172

Too Future Playlist

Off The Clef - Best Hip Hop: August. "The BNE spearhead has a special way with words, and he’s used those words in all the right ways on No Inbetweens."

Vents Magazine - New Single - No Inbetweens "The vigilant rapper smoothly integrates conscious rap with his signature style in “No Inbetweens” and brings forth music with a message."

The Hype Magazine - I AM D - No Inbetweens 

The Music Ninja Playlist Vol. 261

EDM Sauce “No Inbetweens” is a melodic and soulful offering of conscious hip hop with a heartfelt message. His polished lyrics float effortlessly over the minimalist beat and the track is pure perfection.

AUDollars "The song is filled with graphic truths about domestic violence which is coupled perfectly by the visuals."

Tilt Magazine "I AM D brings a difficult topic to the discussion, taking it on with elegance and suavity."

OTC Spotify Playlist 

Little Indie Blog "That packs hard-hitting message on domestic violence, performed by the Brisbane-based artist with both a sense of frustration and passione over a piano sampled beat."

Geedup Co. "What's refreshing is being able to listen to an artist with a clear cut message - something that harbours some depth and some intimacy."

Saint Audio "Australian-based rapper I AM D is working to alter the misogynistic attitude towards women in hip hop with his latest effort."

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