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It's been a weird year for me, It's been a weird life in general, but when you really think about your own and all it's unique set of circumstances... Whose isn't.

I've been questioning a lot of things (which I think I do continuously, which helps me to maintain the fire of wanting to push the boundaries of myself and those around me). There's no doubt this path I was either thrown down by a higher power up above, or chose to go down myself, comes full of challenges and hurdles for pretty much the most part.

The thing I'm reminding myself the most is, the journey is the destination. Every moment I experience, take in & learn from builds my entire outlook & perspective as well as knowledge to factor in to the next moment.

I'm learning more about who I am (despite my self proclaimed name). I'm understanding and seeing the growth of my self worth, my brand, my business & my life which at times, all feel like they're all rolled into one giant shit pile of diamonds.. And all of this comes off the back of just being myself.

I'm not one to try and claim I've created or done something out of thin air if I was inspired by someone to do it. You're trying to be too cool if you say "I did this" when you just jacked it from someone else. Don't let the fact of you not being on their level disguise the truth and make it seem 'Okay' to do because you're not in the same league it won't get found out. We're now in the internet age, the age where every piece of knowledge and content is at your fingertips. Either do something you've put a lot of thought into, or make something and tell the people you owe 'person x' credit for it, but this is my interpretation.

In saying this, I started a vlog called the "Daley Grind" off the back of seeing a song of mine titled "Hit Em" used in Episode 176 of Gary Vee's daily vlog "Daily Vee". (Just to clarify, I'd already been running with the instagram handle @daleygrinder long before I started consuming Garys content, my first EP in 2014 was even titled "The Daley Grind". The Daley in my vlog title is 100% about my last name rather then trying to directly copy Garys "Daily Vee" which he obviously named because he puts a video out every single day where I've chosen to run one a week with the odd midweek drop as well.)

But regardless, the fact my song was used in someones content who I look up to a great deal when it comes to personal and business advice was absolutely huge for me. It lit a fire in me that was fuelled by the fact that in countless rants and videos he would touch on how important it is to film and put out what you're doing for everyone to see.

He'd say things like "could you imagine how cool it would be if you could go back and watch actual video footage of Drakes come up before becoming one of the biggest artists in the world". It sent my brain on a path that said: that's exactly what I want to do. Given how passionate I am for what I'm doing and how bad I want it, I'd be an idiot not to lead the way and add something which explains so much and use it as another avenue for which I love doing. Not only that, but you never know what will come of it, who it will inspire (or piss off for that matter) and how much of an impact it will have.

My music & fanbase isn't huge, it's growing, the viewership is still small. But I've said this to a dozen of my close friends who are well aware I'm in this for the long game, not the short. I've stressed the fact that, even tho these videos are getting anywhere from 200 to 1,000 views on average, the fact is, if I do have an impact on this culture, this music scene, this world.. Then it will be absolutely amazing for anybody who is loving my shit or discovering who I am, to then be able to back catalogue through not only all of my music up until this point.. But also to be able to see weeks & weeks, months, years of bits and pieces, week by week of the journey and things I was doing to get me to wherever that current point is. But also, because we live one life, so while most people are saying "why the fuck would I do that" I'm on the other side of the fence saying "why the fuck would I not". It's that simple.. Your conditioning and not being able to look above that is your loss.

I'm not giving you it all, I'm only giving you barely 10%... But Im giving you enough to show that this shit isn't for show, or bullshit. I'm 100% giving you myself and that's going to be the winning factor.

It took hittin' rock bottom just to bounce back.



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Give this week ahead the rear naked choke.