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Gang is the product of having fun. Taking opportunity and not caring so much about stereotype or what something should or should not be. Of course, some peoples first reaction is "he doesn't own that car, he rented that car", infact, a friend of mine has a very rich boss who let us use the car. If someone offered it to you, would you say no? Driving that thing for the first time was too dope!

A Behind The Scenes Look Into I AM D's GANG

Shoutout to the wonderful Rachel Aust for tagging along for the ride whilst making this video to bring us something which shows some insight and funny business. BNE the city we the..... 

I AM D - Fall Apart

This one was super dope to make. This song means a lot to me, and judging by the messages and reactions, a lot more people then me. Shoutout my boi Que Film who did an amazing job on this one. Filmed mostly at the Shorncliffe Pier. Features MNTNS merch you can buy in the store as well as Geedup Clothing, my bros from Sydney.


Colourful, vibrant, fun. I just wanted to make something that stirred the pot a little. Which it very much did. The facebook video comments section is hilarious and huge. Filmed & edited by Rachel Aust. Big LOVE for everybody involved in the making of this one.