The Jigga man, Jay-Z, Hov (however you like to identify this stellar human being) created a piece of literature titled Decoded, which for those of you who haven’t read it (it is the tits for any rap nerd) basically breaks down the lyrics to a sleuth of Jays songs which have been some of the most timeless pieces of audio we as human beings living in this era have been blessed with to hear, learn and love. With all due respect to arguably the greatest to ever do it, I’d like to run with that idea and title as I present to you…..


D-CODED: The JoDeci edition


This week just gone on the blog I gave you the run down and emotive purpose of what the new track I just dropped “R2D2” embodied in its meaning behind the 3 and a bit minutes of the piece that it is.  It’s getting harder for people to take in the full meaning of a song, which is embedded in the multifaceted components that make it up. It falls victim to short attention spans and the fast paced climate of social media, but that’s the time we live in. You either get with it, accept it and thrive off it…Or you stay behind.. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with staying behind if that’s something you’re content with, but the worst shit in the world, is someone choosing to stay behind and do nothing but complain. I mean, think about why that person feels the need to complain for a second… It’s because the old formulas and ways that people became recognized, validated and appreciated with in the past don’t work to the same effect. We all know about someone who all they do is listen to 90’s hip hop all the time and tell everyone how shit the new style of music is. If they really just LOVED 90’s hip hop they would go about it in silence, soaking in every second of the songs they’re listening to, but instead, I believe they are frustrated because the ways they were used to have changed and they struggle with being able to adapt to the evolution of the culture and processes of the internet (how it’s promoted and consumed).


But let’s talk joDeci. The first thing you’ll notice is lowercase everything but a capital D, that’s just a no brainer for me.. That’s like a dog marking it’s territory on an afternoon walk..The main purpose of this track through the writing process was honestly an expression of being in a dark place and an attempt to dig myself out.. The first bar sums it up perfectly.. “I’ve been caught, in the darkness tryina harness better thoughts.” Whether you thought this or not, I understand that with J. Cole being my favourite artist who also has a song with Drake titled Jodeci, it would seem like I was maybe a little overly inspired and decided to bite the title and concept based on that..which wasn’t the case, so I’ll break down how it came to fruition for me. To start with, I originally wrote these lyrics to a different beat, a beat that was a lot slower to rap over with a lower tempo. During this time without being totally aware, I was actually listening to a fair bit of Jodeci (for those who don’t know they are an RnB group) because RnB has always been my first love and ultimately my introduction to Hip Hop.. and it just so happed the Croatian lord Bliss sent me this beat, already titled Jodeci because of the sample that runs throughout the track. It was as simple as that.. nothing complex or extremely deep.. It was just a case of, I was going through some shit at the time, Jodeci was a regular on my playlist which was extremely soothing and helpful in the way I was feeling and the way and timing this beat was delivered felt like some sort of stroke of fate.

I wanted to start the year of shifting up a gear with something that delivered a lot of meaning and insight. Something that ticked all the boxes for me in terms of song writing, feeling, punchlines, production all rolled into one. The only thing missing in this song is a chorus, but it’s missing for a reason.. That reason being, I just had too much to say at this point in time. Sometimes the thoughts just roll on, there’s times when you’re writing a song where what you anticipate to be just the first verse keeps going and going and looking over it, there’s nowhere you really want to dissect it or cut it in half to insert a chorus and turn it into two verses.. That’s definitely something that happened with this track, otherwise with a hook after the verse that’s in it followed by another verse and another hook, this thing would turn into about 7 minutes. At the end of the day, not everything has to follow the formulas of conventional song structure. This track embodies everything I was feeling at the time, it serves a real meaning and purpose. First thing I say in the track before I even start rapping is “Jodeci, part of my, healing process see”…Healing process.


Right now, I want you to pull the song up if you have it downloaded or using the soundcloud link:


Read along with this shit while you listen:


I've been caught, in the darkness, tryina harness, better thoughts

i keep going back on everything I said before (second guessing myself)

All the good about myself I took as my reward

Feels so far away I'm tryina build rapport


With the future me I'm tryina build a bridge for

While burning old bridges which I once walked (Sometimes old ways that once worked for us in terms of anything in life don’t work like they once did, sometimes you have to look for a new way to better a situation)

The present seems so good, boxed up

Outside lookin fine inside I'm stuck


With these emotions-driving me into hopeless

Territories (Tearing trees) like Deforestation knowing (Really I say it like D-forestation just for namesake)

I'm aware of it though so thank you for that omen (An omen is something that foretells the future, in this case it applies also as Omen is an artist on J. Coles record label Dreamville)   

Speaking of dreamville Forrest hills drive goin (Forrest Hills Drive is J. Coles last album, absolute banger..Rinse that shit on the regs)


24/7 In my headphones

A little bit of heaven to deal with these woes

I ain't been running through the 6 with

But I been running through hell with this stomach shit bitch (Playing on Drakes ‘Know Yourself’ where he talks about Woes in the sense of his people.. I’m talking about real life woes, shit that’ll really fuck with you physically & mentally)


Shit bitch, you wouldn't know it but I'm fuckin sick

Fuckin sick of talkin bout this stomach bullshit (Sometimes I’m superstitious or a little careful with focusing on the negatives too much, or talking about my problems too much because I don’t want to give them the power to define me as a person. I don’t wanna see myself as “The with the stomach problems who raps etc etc.. It’s about being the amazing person you see yourself as, the rapper who does all sorts of other shit and is an awesome dude to those around him but happens to be going through some health issues.. You get me?)

And I'm fuckin sick wit it wit the rhymes

But I let it get the best of I AM D sometimes (True, we all let our problems get the best of us, being aware of this is the first step towards growth)


It's like a thought in the back of your mind..

It's always there (yeah) and you find

The more you try to push that bitch to the side

It stays front and centre more then ever so I ask... Why?


Sometimes when I'm drained out

Pleading with this shit like please will you change now

But I remain faithful and let it go

Focus on why I'm here gotta let em know (There’s a bigger picture, bigger fish to fry)


Here I go, better roll my sleeves up

You can see I've lost weight but the fees up

Up at 3 A-M now that she's up

What's at the bottom of the pole girl deez nuts


Nah, fuck all that bravado shit (I didn’t wanna get into the classical men talking about women like they own them or some shit, wanted to elude to that but then change the focus onto something else)

I wanna talk about the shit they never gave a shit

About that made you anxious while they got away with it

May I repeat man they never really gave a shit (How many of you can look back to the teachers you had in high school, or whoever it was you thought had the purpose to serve of wanting your best interests but realistically were just going by the book and not giving a REAL fuck about you. This kind of age is also the most tender in terms of people being exposed to problems like anxiety & depression.)


They pressure you in high school like find a career

You gotta make that decision now right here

And if you don't man life will be a night mare

The older you get the more you have to fight fear (What I said above)


And it don't fight fair yeah what a crock of shit

You think Betty Crocker said imma make it

Baking muffins n cakes up in the oven

When she was like 17?? man end of discussion (Everyone expects you to find your career or life purpose immediately and this this unnecessary pressure put on you to find it straight away or you’ll get left behind in the world or some shit.. As I said “What a crock of shit”.)


Some people getting younger in the spot light

But Jay-Z was 26 when he rocked mic (Reasonable Doubt BABY!!)

Jay elec ain't even put out an album yet

Jay Rock just dropped and its all respect (Been a minute since, but when he dropped 90059 is the time I wrote this, it’s his first album and he was set to release his album first before anyone else on TDE (Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul) Stepping back to the point that the illusion and pressure of things being too late is bullshit, just fuckin live and do you.)


I know someone'll wanna interject And rebuttle, (Opinions are present more then ever these days..I’m waiting for the troll to come drop some comments based off face value with no deeper look into what’s being said)

but I don't give a fuck let it rest Or

go and write your own go and show your skills nah

They want the praise with no effort always lookin to collect , uh (Everyone expects everything to come easy these days..Everyone thinks they deserve it all overnight)


But they ain't passed go in a long time

Stuck in jail trinna roll a fuckin snake eyes (Monopoly bars…Classic)

While I be out here tryina make mine

My mistake making mine I ain't even trying Woahhh, (Lil braggadocio.. I’m bout it..gotta flex sometimes.)


no teacher could have told me that

I would be here they were tryina hold me back

Man it's scary to think, where would I be

If I didn't trust me and try to break free, uh


Now you know what it be you know how I ride

I am I AM D this the Daley Grind

While I stay up in the 415

Working overtime to take us all worldwide wassup.


Peace to everyone who’s peeped the new song 2R2D..


The year ahead is looking good. It’s all yellow and blue at camp DG.


Considering this blog post was all about joDeci.. I guess now is a good time to say the Video is dropping tomorrow.. Stay up for that… (Subscribe to my youtube channel for when it drops: Daley Grind

And stay up in general.. Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and keep fighting and pushing yourself for a better tomorrow.

Stay up!


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 Photo: Kebun. Art: Lachlan Sinclair

Photo: Kebun. Art: Lachlan Sinclair