Artwork: Lachlan Sinclair.. BEAST

Artwork: Lachlan Sinclair.. BEAST

The time has come for me to drop my second song for 2016..

 A little background on the track..

Produced by Brisbane rapper/producer tomtom: Check him out here

This song means a lot. I don't wanna give it all away, I want you to listen to it and get your own perception of it and vibe with it. But I will say this, the end of it pays hommage to the late great Chris Brooks. One of my friends who sadly passed away. This guy was one of the realest, funniest, nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting and being friends with. I met him when we were about 15 in the days of skating city street spots or taking train trips to Nerang, Coops and other skateparks around Birsbane & the Gold Coast.

Every Saturday we used to meet up in the city outside Skatebiz, a place where you felt so welcome in for wearing baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts, new era baseball caps, dressed head to toe in DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) while you felt like an outsider and misfit to the general public who you felt didn't have the slightest clue about the lifestyle and underground culture we knew so well. We used to roll every Saturday without fail, sometimes 10, 20, 30 even 40 deep..Causing absolute havoc to traffic on city roads and drivers. Imagine 40 teenagers making their way through the city in the middle of the road owning the streets. Think about how much noise a skateboard makes underneath you on the road while you're riding along, now imagine 39 other people along side you doing the same thing. Nobody was fucking with us haha.

These were some of the best memories of my life, we'd meet outside Skatebiz for about half an hour to an hour for everyone to get there, then we would all go up the street to the wintergarden and get food. Some went with maccas as the pockets were always low even though we were all rich and burning with passion for this subculture... But the main weapon of choice, was the $5 curry chicken and rice bowl from Hanaichi. My lord that was the BEST shit.

I have the most fond memories of those years, if I could go back and live them again I would do it 15 times over. As we grow older, life moves you in different directions. The crew we had back then, we don't hang out as much these days, but skateboarding and being from this city created a bond for us all that no matter how much time passes, I believe when the day comes that we need eachother for whatever reason, there will always be a friendship there that has been built by such love and the dopest days of our lives growing up that we will always be there for eachother no matter how much time passes in between.

I love these people I was able to experience these time's with. They are my brothers for life and that's something that I will forever cherrish. These people I speak of, shoutout to the Vermin crew. They were much closer then I was to Chris, they grew up with him from a young age, but Chris impacted my life in a way that I will never forget, every second I spent with him I could not contain my laughter. I wanted to pay my respects to him as best and honest as I could, but i didn't want to jeopardise or create something that didn't resonate with the people closest to him..So before I decided to release this track tonight, I reached out to some of my brothers and sent it to them to make sure it resonated well with them.

In saying that, the title of this track is 2R2D - Too rare to die.

Dropping tonight right here.

Enjoy your day..Appreciate those closest to you and those who were once close to you that may have drifted away due to life circumstances. Just remember how grateful you are you had the chance to experience moments of this life with them.