There is no competition in what YOU like to listen to..

Alright bruh and bruhdettes. The time has come for me to talk about a subject which is a little touchy for some people. People act like they live and die off this shit I’m about to let spill, and that is……… Your taste in music…and I’m not talking genre specific in the sense of, “I like rock”, or I like “EDM “ or I’m sewwwwwwwww indie I will only wear glasses with a circular lense…I’m talking strictly hip-hop, and all the multi faceted styles and humans who create this shit today.

I think the biggest point I want to touch on is.. don’t be ashamed or scared to say what you do like just because of other peoples opinions. Here’s something.. some people might fucking hate me and lose respect for me after saying this but I really don’t give two fucks for it anyway because I’m not one for closeed minded people liking my shit, especially if you actually listen to what I say in most of my songs it just wouldn’t even make sense. But I guarantee there would be people who skim through it and take me for some die hard HIP HOP kind of dude.. So let me say this… I fuck with Drake, to the absolute heaviness of heavies, I think anyone out there who says they don’t fuck with Drake is submitted to that opinion by either of two things. 1. They haven’t actually even listened to a single song of his and jumped on that early bandwagon of shit chat and haven’t been able to jump off it as they’re trying to find the most underground of underground artists nobodys every heard of so they can claim and rep that shit like “you don’t even know bro”… Or, 2. They listen to the opinions of others to the point where they don’t like him to collect that sense of pack mentality and common bond.

If you ask me, Drake is THE biggest name in hip hop (even though he stretches far beyond the genre) for a reason. The dude can rap so fucking well. His content, his delivery, his calculation, his intent..everything is just so on point, so if you actually pulled your head out of the sand and listened without judgement you would understand why he’s where he is. Not only do I fuck with Drake (not physically), I think Kanye (ego or no ego) is still dope and hes undeniable.. There are 100% definitely certain songs (im not saying all, how many artists could you honestly name that you like ALL of their songs, fuckin none) from Young Thug that I definitely listen to. People are getting attention and are where they are for a reason, yeah they might be weird cunts but the music is there and they’ve worked hard as a motherfucker to get to where they are.. and not only that, but sustaining that would be an even harder task which they all have no problem maintaining.

I just think it takes a weak minded mofo to be legitimately angry or pissed off at someone else because they like a certain song or artist. What someone else likes and listens to in their time…..absolutely, positively should have not a single fucking thing to do with you.. So bruh, get off the shit as fuck bandwagon you jumped on and eat some prunes so it’s easier for you to get that shit out of your system (constipation pun).

Next time someone asks me who do I listen to (cause it’s some stupid fucked up judging game that seriously should not matter anyway) I’m just going to say Macklemore, Drake and Young Thug just so they can feel the awkwardness when they were expecting a Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap and R.A. the rugged man from me. (realistically I would say J. Cole, Nas & Pusha T).

Bro, I am not saying  by any means you have to like everything, there’s shit I will not give a second listen to or artists I really don’t like.. But the difference is, how you handle it. For me, if I don’t like someone I just just don’t like them and be done with it, it’s that don’t like something, don’t listen to it..Trying to validate yourself and your own shortcomings of life by organising a float and parading around the city about how much you fucking hate a certain artist is doing nothing for anyone but making you look like a complete fucktard..And if you do get friends and like minded people out of it, they’re on the same level as you, perched up on the edge of that bandwagon everyone else is too scared to throw fire at to watch it burn because it’s fuckwits like you who bully people for liking to listen to shit that has about as much to do with you as your EX girlfriend.

Shits getting heated, call the fire brigade.