I just wanna talk about the week that’s just gone and the shit I’ve come to realise in that short amount of time. This week I learnt and experienced some very dope shit that has come about through reaching out to people. You see big artists who put themselves on a higher pedestal than those around them, everybody flocks to them yet they don’t seem to be doing things to bring value to people other then put out their music, which a lot of the time is very self absorbed in what they’re saying. But I ‘m not one to judge them, I love that shit most the time, and I can almost guarantee that’s just talking the talk and when it really comes down to it and being a good person, they are doing things behind the scenes to help people out and touch their lives without trying to glorify it or get props for it.

But one thing I’ve noticed, is it’s always the artists who are starting to get a bit of shine and a little bit of buzz (definitely not all) that seem to try and emulate what they see in these top A-list successful artists and act like they are completely above everyone because they have got a taste of what it’s like to get a few hundred likes every time they drop a picture on Instagram. I think the minute you put yourself above everyone else…you’ve automatically lost.

After 3 years of making music thus far, this week was my first real taste of realising there are people out there who actually give a fuck about what I’m doing. For a while I always felt like starting out I was in this bubble of having close friends and people I knew who were supporting my shit which do not get it twisted, I am so fuckin grateful for. But after a while, you can only go see a friend perform and follow them for so long before you start feeling like you get a “been there done that” mentality and done enough to show them your support. That’s something I totally understand as I’ve done it in the past with some of my friends who play a certain sport at a high level or DJ etc etc.

I’ve always done my best and made it my effort to talk to people reaching out to me, giving me props for my music, asking about features and if I can check out their beats and everything else that comes with it, but this week, after really putting all ego aside and instead.. going out of MY way to follow people, talk to people first, I honestly can’t believe some of the things people have said to me and cannot believe how many people legitimately whole heartedly give a fuck about what I’m doing.

Sometimes social media can be misleading. The number of likes and shit you get..The amount of time's I've watched something that made me laugh or I thought was super dope that took me away from the original facebook post and I haven't gone back to like it to show that I actually got value from it happens more often then not..Not only that, but how many times do you just like someones shit cause you think they're an awesome person instead of how dope the content actually is.. It's a fast paced world online and more often then not a popularity contest.. So basing your impact on that alone isn't worthwhile. There are a lot more people watching your shit and benefiting from it then you might realise..

I’ve had people from all over this country ask me when am I’m coming to their city, when am I coming to Melbourne, when am I coming to Adelaide, when am I coming to Perth, Sydney, Byron Bay… I’ve had people like yo…PLEASE tell me when you’re coming here I will show you around, drive you around, you can stay at my house.. And I’m just like yo, wtf… I’m blown away that people actually want to give up their time and give their hospitality all because they gel with my music.

I’ve had people from the US and UK tell me they love my shit and they listen to Hip Hop in Australia over everything else in their countries.. And I’m like, man, your country (the states for example) invented this shit and have some of the absolute best artists in the world what is it about the Australian stuff you like better.. And to hear some of these explanations is just such an injection of motivation and inspiration to me that I can’t help but to want to open up the minds of more and more people overseas and make a real cross over impact.. and especially here in Aus, to keep showing these people who wanna take me in like a 10 hitch hiking on the side of the highway what I’m all about and provide them with real proper value.

I put a photo up on my Instagram the other day saying I’m feeling generous so anyone who wants a copy of Hands Tied To The Sky..leave me your address in the comments or a direct message and I’ll post it out to you. Lets just say I’m probably going to have to file for bankruptcy after I make a trip to the post office tomorrow..that response was overwhelming as fuck.. Thanks for sending me broke and making me hand write all these addresses. I need an assistant..

This week I’ve also started recording other artists who are struggling to find somewhere to record that isn’t going to break their bank and have a couple more teed up over the next couple weeks. Let me say this, I think there’s also added value to what these people and potentially you (hit me up) are getting from such a low fee. You could go to a studio, the gears great, you pay for what you get with the equipment, but you’ll more then likely be working with an engineer who 9 times outta 10 doesn’t have a lick of hip hop in him. This is where me and my skills, direction and ideas as an artist myself come into play. I feel and know the added benefits you are going to get for such a small fee coming in and working on your joints with me outweighs the studio equipment costs and is going to be something a lot more beneficial to you.

I’ve had an absolutely insane week. I’m in a place where I’m absolutely loving life compared to this time last year where the battles with a chronic illness were getting the better of me on any given day and I had to really fight my own head and body every day.

New Hilltop album is absolutely one of the best things I’d ever heard. I sent a text to Suffa on Friday saying Man..You guys honestly make some of the best music across the entire world across every genre. I think I can speak for the entire population of people going through some shit who are lucky enough to hear your music to say thankyou for doing what you guys do and doing it so well. Amazing album..

And on that note. Enjoy the week ahead. Thankyou for reading this much of my thoughts.

The wizard Kebun has just showed me the first draft of the video for JoDeci.. Expect that to drop this week ahead. If you could do me the absolute stellar favour of sharing it on your socials this week when it drops that would mean the absolute most to me. Your support will not go unrewarded.