Skateboarding was my life. The first time I set the soles of my globes onto the griptape was 12 years old. I did that relentlessly 7 days a week until I was 21. A lot of people take breaks for months or even years because they lose interest. The only time i ever took breaks was due to injury, and even then I remember being at the St. Laurences playing fields doing ollies up the gutter in the carpark with a god damn cast on my broken foot as the Iona year 8 A's I should have opened the bowling for were playing cricket. I took all the laces out of my right shoe just so I could open it up big enough to put over my foot in a cast. If that doesn't say I love you skateboarding I don't know what the fuck does. But not all love stories work out, even when you think they are 'the one' and you could never see yourself with, or in this case doing, anything else.

Around the time of my 21st Birthday, one of the most ridiculously fun nights of my life equipped with an apartment full of the lads and a surprise visit from a stripper they had organised, things went a bit downhill in camp D and the stomach saga which I talk about from time to time as it's quite an overwhelming, overpowering life changing factor in my life began to start. As my stomach issues started to become a little more problematic the point came where I had to quit work, move back to my mums house and basically sit in a bean bag for months on end as i struggled with life everyday losing weight, strength and my mind. Growing up I used to play a fuckload of sport, I used to skateboard every day, go to gym and lift weights 5 days a week, to sum it up I was active as fuck.

But all is not lost. No ma'am, no sir, I may have lost weight for the time being, lost contact with people due to being a recluse, even lost my mind at some points..But this journey has opened up my self awareness and one thing I know for certain through the absolute suffering I've felt through my being, is I have a spirit deep within me that will not motherfucking give up. I'm not a guru on all things life I don't give a fuck about trying to be some sort of sage or life coach or some shit, cause when people do that the first think you think is basically "yeah righto mate"..But there is something I do want to do, and it's as simple as this.. (Especially for people who aren't sure what they're mean't to be doing in life)..I want to show you through my experiences and story telling that there are other loves in your life waiting to be had and discovered.

I know it's cliche' as fuck but if you asked me while I was in the absolute depths of my passion for skating, would I be boasting an even stronger love for writing and recording music, using my ideas to create videos, writing content like this to share with you, designing and selling my own clothing.. I would have said no fucking way, I'm ballsdeep into grinding these ledges. (By the way the things I mentioned I'm now doing, everyone takes these sort of things way too lightly and sees them of lesser value simply because everybody has the opportunity now to do this and it's easily accessible.. Not everybody thinks they can be a LeBron James, or a Michael Phelps, but everybody for one reason or another thinks they can be a Kendrick Lamar or a Kanye West like it doesn't require as much effort or skill to build that brand and become that.. You are fucking the longest of shots.) That isn't a counter intuitive argument saying, not everybody can do this..if this is your thing and you love it by all means, prove to the people around you, prove to the world that it is. What I'm saying is people don't take building a brand or releasing music as seriously because many people have abused it. But I fucking love it, every bit of it and that is going to be backed up by the lengths I will take this shit too and the progress I make along the way. I do not give a fuck what anybody says to me or thinks. If you think I'm way over my own head (god willing my stomach doesn't slow me too much) sit back and watch you jealous hating ass sod.

We took a little detour, but back on track. I've dropped out of uni three times. The fact I even got to uni after being expelled in grade 12 is a feat of its own. Things have happened which have showed me a new direction and still continue too. Don't ever be so set in your negative mindset of hopelessness that you can't see the foreseeable future and the shit that's legitimately fucking waiting for you around the corner. The one thing you have to do to ensure this, is get off your ass. Even when I was so weak and headspun I couldn't stand for more then like 2 minutes without feeling like death was whispering to me, I was mentally "getting off my ass". I had a voice inside me telling me I am the fucking man and I can overcome this shit. Rome was not built in a day my friends. Look inside yourself, take note of your strengths, your real strengths, don't keep looking at your weaknesses and think, I'm so useless because of these, just look at your strengths and run with them, put your weaknesses in the bin and use your strengths to find people around you who are strong in those weak areas.. I can't skateboard right now, I can't play sport right now.. Oh well, shit happens.. Look what I'm doing right now with my time on a Sunday, I'm not crying cause I can't..I'm writing this shit, I ask I enjoying this shit, fucking oath lad. I feel like the way I write from this first person perspective and don't give a shit about editing and being super proper with the grammar and more conversational is something people enjoy reading, like fuck it I might even write a book one day.. I wrote and recorded a new song today and couldn't stop smiling I was even laughing in the recording at the excitement I have for this track.. I have this intuitive unexplainable factor within me which I know is going to shift the paradigm and thinking of the way people see hip hop in this country and I will stand by that. I'm a competitive person, that's a strength of mine.. You see what I'm getting at? I've been watching too much Gary Vaynerchuk.. I may have even gone off topic. I don't even know anymore haha. I hope in the very least you got SOMETHING from this. Peace!

We're all going through it, but we're strong enough to do it - Daley Grinders

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