Premiering via the radio waves through Triple J thanks to Hau. This song will be given the look online tomorrow (Monday 25th of Jan) thanks to Tone Deaf :)

Bigup first and foremost to my players who make this possible. Everybody must know, yeah as rappers we write the words, we say the words, we make you feel the words, but without the input from these highly talented peeps who back what you do, they'd be a shitty quality Ableton file sitting on your computer. So Bigup Bliss from Zagreb Croatia for this blistering beat (Pun very much intended). Follow him at @iamrealbliss. As well as James Angus the engineering magician. Lachlan Sinclair on the artwork. Blue & Yellow

This track is to set the scene for the year ahead for me, battling with health issues in the midst of it all and what I'm going to accomplish. Thankyou to everybody who listens, downloads, shares and enjoys this. I praise you. Love always.

You can download this - HERE
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Bless Up