Released October 1st 2014, (Don't ask why I called it September 1st but released it October 1st cause I couldn't tell you haha) it's been one year to the day since the release of my 2nd EP "September 1st". It's been a crazy year since and I'm excited for the new shit I've been working on. If somehow this release went over your head, or you're back cataloging on my old shit being a new fan, this EP is a 7 track soulful, jazzy, classic boom bap inspired body of sonics balanced with a new era style of flow, honesty and vulnerability. It features production from Spanish heavyweights "Cookin' Soul", the Portuguese hitter "MZ BOOM BAP", Californian killer "The Programmer", "Devaloop" straight outta Slazburg, Austria, the Washington Wizard "Dusty Beats", The crazy Dutch bastard "Sensei Walingh" as well as my man, Australia's own "Cam Bluff". As the previous blog post displays, the EP also features the sounds of 91' Steeze with Brooklyn bar specialist Torae & the legendary counterpart of 'the number one chop innovator' DJ Total Eclipse. From the Nas samples of 'Soldier Survivors', to the intricacies of every word used to paint a picture of emotive rawness, I transfer all that is from my inner most thoughts to a creative medium which captures the essence of the artist that is I AM D. I'm not one to toot my own horn by any means, but the standard is there, it's a high calibre release made possible by the polishings of James Angus which will always be a pivotal body of work I will look back on with nothing but good feelings and nostalgia of a time in my life I was able to express in such an ill way, so early in what I'm doing. Fuck yeah for creative shit B!

Feel free to download the EP in its entirety here: DOWNLOAD

Now, in celebration of the anniversary of September 1st. It's time I drop a new track.

My homies run a clothing label based out of Sydney. It's called Geedup. In it's simplest terms, they make dope af streetwear, they're all about hip hop, and they're the benchmark of family, work ethic and attention to detail. Blessed to be surrounded and inspired by.

This track is called "Geedup", produced by newly appointed New York brand ambassador J57 who *cough* just produced a track off Method Mans latest album.

As Nas said "Who's world is this? The world is yours". - True indeed.

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