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Rolling Stone - Five for Friday "A call-out delivered with unflinching clarity"

Run The Trap - Future Thursdays Vol. 172

Too Future Playlist

Off The Clef - Best Hip Hop: August. "The BNE spearhead has a special way with words, and he’s used those words in all the right ways on No Inbetweens."

Vents Magazine - New Single - No Inbetweens "The vigilant rapper smoothly integrates conscious rap with his signature style in “No Inbetweens” and brings forth music with a message."

The Hype Magazine - I AM D - No Inbetweens 

The Music Ninja Playlist Vol. 261

EDM Sauce “No Inbetweens” is a melodic and soulful offering of conscious hip hop with a heartfelt message. His polished lyrics float effortlessly over the minimalist beat and the track is pure perfection.

AUDollars "The song is filled with graphic truths about domestic violence which is coupled perfectly by the visuals."

Tilt Magazine "I AM D brings a difficult topic to the discussion, taking it on with elegance and suavity."

OTC Spotify Playlist 

Little Indie Blog "That packs hard-hitting message on domestic violence, performed by the Brisbane-based artist with both a sense of frustration and passione over a piano sampled beat."

Geedup Co. "What's refreshing is being able to listen to an artist with a clear cut message - something that harbours some depth and some intimacy."

Saint Audio "Australian-based rapper I AM D is working to alter the misogynistic attitude towards women in hip hop with his latest effort."

And that's all she wrote... so far

I AM D RS.png

I AM D - No Inbetweens

Domestic Violence is still such a serious issue. I wrote this song just after releasing MNTNS in November 2016. It's intention wasn't ever to be a solution to the problem, it was just me feeling strongly about something and presenting it in the format which I do best.

Big love to James Angus on the production & Rachel Aust on the filming & editing of this video.


I AM D - Acceptance Speech

Back with a new song produced by Miracle aka Blessed.
Lyric Video by Marxet BNE.

You can count on one thing. This life of mine i've been given, I've always got a lot to say.

Find this on the All-Aussie Hip Hop Spotify Playlist.


Daley Grind is BACK - Episode 19

After a month off working on new music & sharpening the tools. The Daley Grind vlog series (I wouldn't even call it a "vlog", I'm just trying to show some shit about my journey so one day when things get bigger and a lot more people know my name, you'll be able to go back and see what i was doing & what it was).

Episode 19 "Locations no Vacations" was just a night out scouting locations for an upcoming music video to be released early October.

Featuring Que Film Collective we drove round to various spots in Brisbane on a late night mission getting lost in the sauce (don't get lost in the sauce... don't do that).


DALEY GRIND Explained - Why I do it

Firstly, Watch The Latest: EPISODE 18 of the Daley Grind:

It's been a weird year for me, It's been a weird life in general, but when you really think about your own and all it's unique set of circumstances... Whose isn't.

I've been questioning a lot of things (which I think I do continuously, which helps me to maintain the fire of wanting to push the boundaries of myself and those around me). There's no doubt this path I was either thrown down by a higher power up above, or chose to go down myself, comes full of challenges and hurdles for pretty much the most part.

The thing I'm reminding myself the most is, the journey is the destination. Every moment I experience, take in & learn from builds my entire outlook & perspective as well as knowledge to factor in to the next moment.

I'm learning more about who I am (despite my self proclaimed name). I'm understanding and seeing the growth of my self worth, my brand, my business & my life which at times, all feel like they're all rolled into one giant shit pile of diamonds.. And all of this comes off the back of just being myself.

I'm not one to try and claim I've created or done something out of thin air if I was inspired by someone to do it. You're trying to be too cool if you say "I did this" when you just jacked it from someone else. Don't let the fact of you not being on their level disguise the truth and make it seem 'Okay' to do because you're not in the same league it won't get found out. We're now in the internet age, the age where every piece of knowledge and content is at your fingertips. Either do something you've put a lot of thought into, or make something and tell the people you owe 'person x' credit for it, but this is my interpretation.

In saying this, I started a vlog called the "Daley Grind" off the back of seeing a song of mine titled "Hit Em" used in Episode 176 of Gary Vee's daily vlog "Daily Vee". (Just to clarify, I'd already been running with the instagram handle @daleygrinder long before I started consuming Garys content, my first EP in 2014 was even titled "The Daley Grind". The Daley in my vlog title is 100% about my last name rather then trying to directly copy Garys "Daily Vee" which he obviously named because he puts a video out every single day where I've chosen to run one a week with the odd midweek drop as well.)

But regardless, the fact my song was used in someones content who I look up to a great deal when it comes to personal and business advice was absolutely huge for me. It lit a fire in me that was fuelled by the fact that in countless rants and videos he would touch on how important it is to film and put out what you're doing for everyone to see.

He'd say things like "could you imagine how cool it would be if you could go back and watch actual video footage of Drakes come up before becoming one of the biggest artists in the world". It sent my brain on a path that said: that's exactly what I want to do. Given how passionate I am for what I'm doing and how bad I want it, I'd be an idiot not to lead the way and add something which explains so much and use it as another avenue for which I love doing. Not only that, but you never know what will come of it, who it will inspire (or piss off for that matter) and how much of an impact it will have.

My music & fanbase isn't huge, it's growing, the viewership is still small. But I've said this to a dozen of my close friends who are well aware I'm in this for the long game, not the short. I've stressed the fact that, even tho these videos are getting anywhere from 200 to 1,000 views on average, the fact is, if I do have an impact on this culture, this music scene, this world.. Then it will be absolutely amazing for anybody who is loving my shit or discovering who I am, to then be able to back catalogue through not only all of my music up until this point.. But also to be able to see weeks & weeks, months, years of bits and pieces, week by week of the journey and things I was doing to get me to wherever that current point is. But also, because we live one life, so while most people are saying "why the fuck would I do that" I'm on the other side of the fence saying "why the fuck would I not". It's that simple.. Your conditioning and not being able to look above that is your loss.

I'm not giving you it all, I'm only giving you barely 10%... But Im giving you enough to show that this shit isn't for show, or bullshit. I'm 100% giving you myself and that's going to be the winning factor.

It took hittin' rock bottom just to bounce back.



Shoutout to OFF THE CLEF for this dope writeup of the Daley Grind vlogs! 

Click the link above.

Give this week ahead the rear naked choke.


Music videos you may have missed

All videos also viewable/available via the I AM D Facebook Page


Gang is the product of having fun. Taking opportunity and not caring so much about stereotype or what something should or should not be. Of course, some peoples first reaction is "he doesn't own that car, he rented that car", infact, a friend of mine has a very rich boss who let us use the car. If someone offered it to you, would you say no? Driving that thing for the first time was too dope!

A Behind The Scenes Look Into I AM D's GANG

Shoutout to the wonderful Rachel Aust for tagging along for the ride whilst making this video to bring us something which shows some insight and funny business. BNE the city we the..... 

I AM D - Fall Apart

This one was super dope to make. This song means a lot to me, and judging by the messages and reactions, a lot more people then me. Shoutout my boi Que Film who did an amazing job on this one. Filmed mostly at the Shorncliffe Pier. Features MNTNS merch you can buy in the store as well as Geedup Clothing, my bros from Sydney.


Colourful, vibrant, fun. I just wanted to make something that stirred the pot a little. Which it very much did. The facebook video comments section is hilarious and huge. Filmed & edited by Rachel Aust. Big LOVE for everybody involved in the making of this one.

M.N.T.N.S. - Mirrors Never Told Nice Stories - An EP by I AM D

November 4th - 2016.

I release an EP through the Hilltop Hoods owned Australian label: Golden Era Records.

The EP does two things I didn't ever expect at this point in my journey.

1. It hits #4 on the Itunes charts for Australian Urban releases


2. It debuts at #22 on the ARIA charts Urban Album category

So much love to everybody who's listened and loved it, told their friends about it, went to town about it. This is my favourite release to date. We've shifted a gear, everything is monumental. Vinyl release coming early 2017


Download the 'M.N.T.N.S' EP here:


 Artwork by Rachel Aust - @rachelaust on IG

Artwork by Rachel Aust - @rachelaust on IG

With this release came some very dope press & write ups worth checking below. Very proud of everybody in my corner.

Rolling Stone Aus

Thank Guard - EP

Thank Guard - Seven Deuce

Howl & Echoes


The AU Review



So much been going on in the world of D in the lead up to releasing my anticipated EP titled: M.N.T.N.S. (Mirrors Never Told Nice Stories). Here's a list of things for you to catch up on

2R2D Visuals

Shoutout to my mans! 
Quefilm for putting this fine piece of art together
- tomtom on the beat
- Mixed & Mastered by James Angus Music
- Clothing provided by Model Citizen AU
- And of course the fresh provided by @daleygrinder
-Cameo from Midas.Gold @gramsofgold




It's been a minute, thought I better unload some of the shit that's been on the brain of D this week (third person chat is the pits, i don't do it often I swear..but it'll creep up now and then). But anyway, been touching base with a few people in my connect, catching up with some friends of old and new who have sparked a few realisations just through conversation. I find it so ridiculous, but dope as fuck at the same time.. (which I'm sure a lot of you have experienced) at how you realise exactly what it is you've been trying to find, or someone to tell you..but you actually say it to someone else in conversation. It's as if you could never think of it in your head yourself, but being engaged and giving someone else a point of view or advice you feel they're looking for or need, you actually have this moment of realisation like.. "oh ok, wtf..did I just say problem is now solved..everything I've been missing I've been needing to hear all along and wasn't sure what it was..I just fuckin said it...I'm a genius" or some shit like that. Makes you realise you contain a lot more wisdom then you ever possibly thought in regards to yourself, when realistically you just didn't know how to articulate it properly within yourself so that you could listen to it and benefit from it. Seems like we're always searching for that which is outside of us.. I guess if you're not some hectic Monk swinging on vines in Mongolia it's kinda just human nature to feel and be that way.

Apart from that moment of realisation (which has happened a few times by the way but this time i really grasped it and thought, fuck, that's pretty remarkable).. I've also been working on a lot of new music and really valuing the process involved. I've heard this before in a couple of interviews and kinda 'life videos' if you wanna call them that, which is..the biggest thing you need when pursuing any type of passion is this main driver of "WHY". Finding out your why makes eveything that you chose to do, from the finer details of your craft to the bigger picture of who you're trying to bring value to and help.. all make sense. It's the thing that keeps you going.. and without it, that's when you find yourself in the stage of being confused about what you're doing. On an artist level it's things like.. I don't know how I want my sound to be, I don't know how I want to be perceived etc etc.. and I think as soon as you figure out your why, and not shit like "so I can be a siccunt, fuck heaps of bitches and make heaps of money" (although that shit gets glorified, if you check how many people in the world make music now, and how many people actually do those things to which you think your WHY is, you're in for no pussy and a loss of money haha) but if you dig deeper and realise why you're actually doing what you do.. suddenly all the bullshit and overthinking you've been killing yourself over is but a fraction of what it once was. So in saying all this, my why has really led me to start enjoying the shit out of every little bit of the process. Let me delve into something I thought about a couple days ago which really made me incredibly driven and happy despite it seeming like a loss to some.. It's about micro losses, but macro gains.. meaning in the moment it may feel like you've lost, but over all.. you've gained.

So as I said above, I've been working on a fuckload of new music and this new found appreciation I have for every little bit of the process is bringing me the best feels which actually happen in reflection. I made a song last week where I really felt like I stepped things up, I felt like I made the song I've always wanted to make, I've been trying to make subconsciously but had to grow into it because musically I wasn't ready enough to be able to get that out of me...The thing about making this song is, now I feel like all the songs I've been previously working on which I thought was the level to where I was at they are now going to be songs I just don't have anything for in terms of releasing them because I know what I can do now and it's been showing up more constant in the time since I made that song. This is where I love it, cause the old me, maybe 6 months to a year ago would have been stressing like man all these songs..look at how much time and effort I've spent.. Look how much money I've spent on mixing, mastering, production.. everything for these joints, like thousands of $$$ and now I'm just going to put these down the drain...But something different happened which I didn't even anticipate, but it must just be a sure sign of me growing as a person, an artist and maturing.. That automatic first thought I once had which I just mentioned looking at all these negatives did not once cross my mind till after the fact. The first thing I thought was, alright, this song is where the standard is.. as simple as that. The old me would have said nah I've put in so much work, I have to release this stuff. I literally used to feel like I used to have to release every single track I made that I felt was "good enough".. But realistically, you want to put your best foot forward, or I certainly do. Like what level are you playing for, I could go with the mentality of I'm putting this shit out cause it may be better then what most of the people around me are putting out..that's that small town syndrome local shit that will get you nowhere but in discussion 30 years later when everyones settled down with kids saying.. yeah that guy was pretty good, he was so respected in Brisbane.. fuck that. So basically what I'm saying is, there's a world standard. You look at who's at the top, the internet allows everybody to do that. I'm saying for everyone wherever you are in whatever you do. So you run a music blog? don't settle for what's good for what everyone else is doing around you.. Post dope as fuck content not "slightly better then them" content. I'm just saying elevate. Realise why you're doing what you do and strive for greatness. If you're in it half assed and you think it's too hard you need to re-asses your why.

This is no shot at anyone let me be very clear and clear this up, because alot of people have asked me about this and I would honestly 100% to the core of me never have any problem helping you out because you are either my peoples or I respect what you're doing if I don't know you as well... But the amount of people hitting me up asking me what to do for their budget when it comes to applying for the Hilltop Hoods initative (which you all need to apply for i'm telling you, even if you doubt yourself you only have the chance to win by applying, asking if your shits good enough isn't going to win you 10g's).. But yeah all these people are hitting me up about the budget part like it's high school "can you send me your budget bro.. what'd you do for your budget" I thought about it, and I honestly feel like.. If you can't sit down, for 20 minutes and put together a budget for this, if you don't have the hunger in you to work this out and get it done..How the hell are you going to withstand having a career in music or as a rapper for 'X' amount of years down the track.. But I love you all and please don't take that as disrespect if you're reading this. I genuinely fuck with you heavy and I'm only thinking that and saying it because I feel like it's to your benefit.

Kind of went off track a little, but what I really wanted to focus on was.. By me not even caring about all the things I feel like I've "lost" in the short term, the time and money spent on all the music I've been making in the cut over the past 6 months..and ultimately feel like there is going to be a huge win from that in the long term by producing a higher level standard of music.. and that process in itself actually making me happy rather then dissapointed or pissed off because of all the money I've spent.. It's not what I've spent. KEY WORD ALERT... It's what I've "INVESTED!". I realised, if i never did any of that, if i never made those songs, spent that money, I would never have been able to get to the point I'm at now where I feel elevated and at a higher standard.. If i never made a song for 6 months and saved all my money, or cut heaps of corners and tried to do as much as I could for free..I never would have reached today in the same way. So If you're reading the thoughts of a 6'2" remarkably handsome white male (ladies I'm single).. I hope you can find something in that, in whatever you're doing. Because I'd never been so happy about a loss until the other day, and it's really made me realise how significant and dope it is to be in love with the process, rather then the end goal..because the end goal is what we focus on so much..But as they say how the journey is everything..The journey really is everything and if you can find that appreciation for it..It's going to be that much sweeter.

Thanks to you for listening to my latest tune 2R2D or R2D2 as you jaimesons call it..and video for JoDeci. All the feedback has been fuel to the fire.

Hope you smack this week on the ass so hard the bouncers kick you out, then you run into a hot broad/10 which would have never happened had you not have smacked dat ayuss <3

RIP Chris Brooks





Apoligies but I'm in the booth recording the eternal flame of Anzac square in the sonic form as we speak.

But I've released 2 things in the past week I know a lot of you have already checked and I'm honestly so appreciative for that.

So please wrap your eyes and ears around these two brand nubians.




The Jigga man, Jay-Z, Hov (however you like to identify this stellar human being) created a piece of literature titled Decoded, which for those of you who haven’t read it (it is the tits for any rap nerd) basically breaks down the lyrics to a sleuth of Jays songs which have been some of the most timeless pieces of audio we as human beings living in this era have been blessed with to hear, learn and love. With all due respect to arguably the greatest to ever do it, I’d like to run with that idea and title as I present to you…..


D-CODED: The JoDeci edition


This week just gone on the blog I gave you the run down and emotive purpose of what the new track I just dropped “R2D2” embodied in its meaning behind the 3 and a bit minutes of the piece that it is.  It’s getting harder for people to take in the full meaning of a song, which is embedded in the multifaceted components that make it up. It falls victim to short attention spans and the fast paced climate of social media, but that’s the time we live in. You either get with it, accept it and thrive off it…Or you stay behind.. And don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with staying behind if that’s something you’re content with, but the worst shit in the world, is someone choosing to stay behind and do nothing but complain. I mean, think about why that person feels the need to complain for a second… It’s because the old formulas and ways that people became recognized, validated and appreciated with in the past don’t work to the same effect. We all know about someone who all they do is listen to 90’s hip hop all the time and tell everyone how shit the new style of music is. If they really just LOVED 90’s hip hop they would go about it in silence, soaking in every second of the songs they’re listening to, but instead, I believe they are frustrated because the ways they were used to have changed and they struggle with being able to adapt to the evolution of the culture and processes of the internet (how it’s promoted and consumed).


But let’s talk joDeci. The first thing you’ll notice is lowercase everything but a capital D, that’s just a no brainer for me.. That’s like a dog marking it’s territory on an afternoon walk..The main purpose of this track through the writing process was honestly an expression of being in a dark place and an attempt to dig myself out.. The first bar sums it up perfectly.. “I’ve been caught, in the darkness tryina harness better thoughts.” Whether you thought this or not, I understand that with J. Cole being my favourite artist who also has a song with Drake titled Jodeci, it would seem like I was maybe a little overly inspired and decided to bite the title and concept based on that..which wasn’t the case, so I’ll break down how it came to fruition for me. To start with, I originally wrote these lyrics to a different beat, a beat that was a lot slower to rap over with a lower tempo. During this time without being totally aware, I was actually listening to a fair bit of Jodeci (for those who don’t know they are an RnB group) because RnB has always been my first love and ultimately my introduction to Hip Hop.. and it just so happed the Croatian lord Bliss sent me this beat, already titled Jodeci because of the sample that runs throughout the track. It was as simple as that.. nothing complex or extremely deep.. It was just a case of, I was going through some shit at the time, Jodeci was a regular on my playlist which was extremely soothing and helpful in the way I was feeling and the way and timing this beat was delivered felt like some sort of stroke of fate.

I wanted to start the year of shifting up a gear with something that delivered a lot of meaning and insight. Something that ticked all the boxes for me in terms of song writing, feeling, punchlines, production all rolled into one. The only thing missing in this song is a chorus, but it’s missing for a reason.. That reason being, I just had too much to say at this point in time. Sometimes the thoughts just roll on, there’s times when you’re writing a song where what you anticipate to be just the first verse keeps going and going and looking over it, there’s nowhere you really want to dissect it or cut it in half to insert a chorus and turn it into two verses.. That’s definitely something that happened with this track, otherwise with a hook after the verse that’s in it followed by another verse and another hook, this thing would turn into about 7 minutes. At the end of the day, not everything has to follow the formulas of conventional song structure. This track embodies everything I was feeling at the time, it serves a real meaning and purpose. First thing I say in the track before I even start rapping is “Jodeci, part of my, healing process see”…Healing process.


Right now, I want you to pull the song up if you have it downloaded or using the soundcloud link:


Read along with this shit while you listen:


I've been caught, in the darkness, tryina harness, better thoughts

i keep going back on everything I said before (second guessing myself)

All the good about myself I took as my reward

Feels so far away I'm tryina build rapport


With the future me I'm tryina build a bridge for

While burning old bridges which I once walked (Sometimes old ways that once worked for us in terms of anything in life don’t work like they once did, sometimes you have to look for a new way to better a situation)

The present seems so good, boxed up

Outside lookin fine inside I'm stuck


With these emotions-driving me into hopeless

Territories (Tearing trees) like Deforestation knowing (Really I say it like D-forestation just for namesake)

I'm aware of it though so thank you for that omen (An omen is something that foretells the future, in this case it applies also as Omen is an artist on J. Coles record label Dreamville)   

Speaking of dreamville Forrest hills drive goin (Forrest Hills Drive is J. Coles last album, absolute banger..Rinse that shit on the regs)


24/7 In my headphones

A little bit of heaven to deal with these woes

I ain't been running through the 6 with

But I been running through hell with this stomach shit bitch (Playing on Drakes ‘Know Yourself’ where he talks about Woes in the sense of his people.. I’m talking about real life woes, shit that’ll really fuck with you physically & mentally)


Shit bitch, you wouldn't know it but I'm fuckin sick

Fuckin sick of talkin bout this stomach bullshit (Sometimes I’m superstitious or a little careful with focusing on the negatives too much, or talking about my problems too much because I don’t want to give them the power to define me as a person. I don’t wanna see myself as “The with the stomach problems who raps etc etc.. It’s about being the amazing person you see yourself as, the rapper who does all sorts of other shit and is an awesome dude to those around him but happens to be going through some health issues.. You get me?)

And I'm fuckin sick wit it wit the rhymes

But I let it get the best of I AM D sometimes (True, we all let our problems get the best of us, being aware of this is the first step towards growth)


It's like a thought in the back of your mind..

It's always there (yeah) and you find

The more you try to push that bitch to the side

It stays front and centre more then ever so I ask... Why?


Sometimes when I'm drained out

Pleading with this shit like please will you change now

But I remain faithful and let it go

Focus on why I'm here gotta let em know (There’s a bigger picture, bigger fish to fry)


Here I go, better roll my sleeves up

You can see I've lost weight but the fees up

Up at 3 A-M now that she's up

What's at the bottom of the pole girl deez nuts


Nah, fuck all that bravado shit (I didn’t wanna get into the classical men talking about women like they own them or some shit, wanted to elude to that but then change the focus onto something else)

I wanna talk about the shit they never gave a shit

About that made you anxious while they got away with it

May I repeat man they never really gave a shit (How many of you can look back to the teachers you had in high school, or whoever it was you thought had the purpose to serve of wanting your best interests but realistically were just going by the book and not giving a REAL fuck about you. This kind of age is also the most tender in terms of people being exposed to problems like anxiety & depression.)


They pressure you in high school like find a career

You gotta make that decision now right here

And if you don't man life will be a night mare

The older you get the more you have to fight fear (What I said above)


And it don't fight fair yeah what a crock of shit

You think Betty Crocker said imma make it

Baking muffins n cakes up in the oven

When she was like 17?? man end of discussion (Everyone expects you to find your career or life purpose immediately and this this unnecessary pressure put on you to find it straight away or you’ll get left behind in the world or some shit.. As I said “What a crock of shit”.)


Some people getting younger in the spot light

But Jay-Z was 26 when he rocked mic (Reasonable Doubt BABY!!)

Jay elec ain't even put out an album yet

Jay Rock just dropped and its all respect (Been a minute since, but when he dropped 90059 is the time I wrote this, it’s his first album and he was set to release his album first before anyone else on TDE (Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul) Stepping back to the point that the illusion and pressure of things being too late is bullshit, just fuckin live and do you.)


I know someone'll wanna interject And rebuttle, (Opinions are present more then ever these days..I’m waiting for the troll to come drop some comments based off face value with no deeper look into what’s being said)

but I don't give a fuck let it rest Or

go and write your own go and show your skills nah

They want the praise with no effort always lookin to collect , uh (Everyone expects everything to come easy these days..Everyone thinks they deserve it all overnight)


But they ain't passed go in a long time

Stuck in jail trinna roll a fuckin snake eyes (Monopoly bars…Classic)

While I be out here tryina make mine

My mistake making mine I ain't even trying Woahhh, (Lil braggadocio.. I’m bout it..gotta flex sometimes.)


no teacher could have told me that

I would be here they were tryina hold me back

Man it's scary to think, where would I be

If I didn't trust me and try to break free, uh


Now you know what it be you know how I ride

I am I AM D this the Daley Grind

While I stay up in the 415

Working overtime to take us all worldwide wassup.


Peace to everyone who’s peeped the new song 2R2D..


The year ahead is looking good. It’s all yellow and blue at camp DG.


Considering this blog post was all about joDeci.. I guess now is a good time to say the Video is dropping tomorrow.. Stay up for that… (Subscribe to my youtube channel for when it drops: Daley Grind

And stay up in general.. Keep doing whatever it is you’re doing and keep fighting and pushing yourself for a better tomorrow.

Stay up!


Instagram & Twitter @daleygrinder

Snapchat @thomacide

 Photo: Kebun. Art: Lachlan Sinclair

Photo: Kebun. Art: Lachlan Sinclair


 Artwork: Lachlan Sinclair.. BEAST

Artwork: Lachlan Sinclair.. BEAST

The time has come for me to drop my second song for 2016..

 A little background on the track..

Produced by Brisbane rapper/producer tomtom: Check him out here

This song means a lot. I don't wanna give it all away, I want you to listen to it and get your own perception of it and vibe with it. But I will say this, the end of it pays hommage to the late great Chris Brooks. One of my friends who sadly passed away. This guy was one of the realest, funniest, nicest people I've had the pleasure of meeting and being friends with. I met him when we were about 15 in the days of skating city street spots or taking train trips to Nerang, Coops and other skateparks around Birsbane & the Gold Coast.

Every Saturday we used to meet up in the city outside Skatebiz, a place where you felt so welcome in for wearing baggy jeans, oversized t-shirts, new era baseball caps, dressed head to toe in DGK (Dirty Ghetto Kids) while you felt like an outsider and misfit to the general public who you felt didn't have the slightest clue about the lifestyle and underground culture we knew so well. We used to roll every Saturday without fail, sometimes 10, 20, 30 even 40 deep..Causing absolute havoc to traffic on city roads and drivers. Imagine 40 teenagers making their way through the city in the middle of the road owning the streets. Think about how much noise a skateboard makes underneath you on the road while you're riding along, now imagine 39 other people along side you doing the same thing. Nobody was fucking with us haha.

These were some of the best memories of my life, we'd meet outside Skatebiz for about half an hour to an hour for everyone to get there, then we would all go up the street to the wintergarden and get food. Some went with maccas as the pockets were always low even though we were all rich and burning with passion for this subculture... But the main weapon of choice, was the $5 curry chicken and rice bowl from Hanaichi. My lord that was the BEST shit.

I have the most fond memories of those years, if I could go back and live them again I would do it 15 times over. As we grow older, life moves you in different directions. The crew we had back then, we don't hang out as much these days, but skateboarding and being from this city created a bond for us all that no matter how much time passes, I believe when the day comes that we need eachother for whatever reason, there will always be a friendship there that has been built by such love and the dopest days of our lives growing up that we will always be there for eachother no matter how much time passes in between.

I love these people I was able to experience these time's with. They are my brothers for life and that's something that I will forever cherrish. These people I speak of, shoutout to the Vermin crew. They were much closer then I was to Chris, they grew up with him from a young age, but Chris impacted my life in a way that I will never forget, every second I spent with him I could not contain my laughter. I wanted to pay my respects to him as best and honest as I could, but i didn't want to jeopardise or create something that didn't resonate with the people closest to him..So before I decided to release this track tonight, I reached out to some of my brothers and sent it to them to make sure it resonated well with them.

In saying that, the title of this track is 2R2D - Too rare to die.

Dropping tonight right here.

Enjoy your day..Appreciate those closest to you and those who were once close to you that may have drifted away due to life circumstances. Just remember how grateful you are you had the chance to experience moments of this life with them.




There is no competition in what YOU like to listen to..

Alright bruh and bruhdettes. The time has come for me to talk about a subject which is a little touchy for some people. People act like they live and die off this shit I’m about to let spill, and that is……… Your taste in music…and I’m not talking genre specific in the sense of, “I like rock”, or I like “EDM “ or I’m sewwwwwwwww indie I will only wear glasses with a circular lense…I’m talking strictly hip-hop, and all the multi faceted styles and humans who create this shit today.

I think the biggest point I want to touch on is.. don’t be ashamed or scared to say what you do like just because of other peoples opinions. Here’s something.. some people might fucking hate me and lose respect for me after saying this but I really don’t give two fucks for it anyway because I’m not one for closeed minded people liking my shit, especially if you actually listen to what I say in most of my songs it just wouldn’t even make sense. But I guarantee there would be people who skim through it and take me for some die hard HIP HOP kind of dude.. So let me say this… I fuck with Drake, to the absolute heaviness of heavies, I think anyone out there who says they don’t fuck with Drake is submitted to that opinion by either of two things. 1. They haven’t actually even listened to a single song of his and jumped on that early bandwagon of shit chat and haven’t been able to jump off it as they’re trying to find the most underground of underground artists nobodys every heard of so they can claim and rep that shit like “you don’t even know bro”… Or, 2. They listen to the opinions of others to the point where they don’t like him to collect that sense of pack mentality and common bond.

If you ask me, Drake is THE biggest name in hip hop (even though he stretches far beyond the genre) for a reason. The dude can rap so fucking well. His content, his delivery, his calculation, his intent..everything is just so on point, so if you actually pulled your head out of the sand and listened without judgement you would understand why he’s where he is. Not only do I fuck with Drake (not physically), I think Kanye (ego or no ego) is still dope and hes undeniable.. There are 100% definitely certain songs (im not saying all, how many artists could you honestly name that you like ALL of their songs, fuckin none) from Young Thug that I definitely listen to. People are getting attention and are where they are for a reason, yeah they might be weird cunts but the music is there and they’ve worked hard as a motherfucker to get to where they are.. and not only that, but sustaining that would be an even harder task which they all have no problem maintaining.

I just think it takes a weak minded mofo to be legitimately angry or pissed off at someone else because they like a certain song or artist. What someone else likes and listens to in their time…..absolutely, positively should have not a single fucking thing to do with you.. So bruh, get off the shit as fuck bandwagon you jumped on and eat some prunes so it’s easier for you to get that shit out of your system (constipation pun).

Next time someone asks me who do I listen to (cause it’s some stupid fucked up judging game that seriously should not matter anyway) I’m just going to say Macklemore, Drake and Young Thug just so they can feel the awkwardness when they were expecting a Mobb Deep, Kool G Rap and R.A. the rugged man from me. (realistically I would say J. Cole, Nas & Pusha T).

Bro, I am not saying  by any means you have to like everything, there’s shit I will not give a second listen to or artists I really don’t like.. But the difference is, how you handle it. For me, if I don’t like someone I just just don’t like them and be done with it, it’s that don’t like something, don’t listen to it..Trying to validate yourself and your own shortcomings of life by organising a float and parading around the city about how much you fucking hate a certain artist is doing nothing for anyone but making you look like a complete fucktard..And if you do get friends and like minded people out of it, they’re on the same level as you, perched up on the edge of that bandwagon everyone else is too scared to throw fire at to watch it burn because it’s fuckwits like you who bully people for liking to listen to shit that has about as much to do with you as your EX girlfriend.

Shits getting heated, call the fire brigade.



I just wanna talk about the week that’s just gone and the shit I’ve come to realise in that short amount of time. This week I learnt and experienced some very dope shit that has come about through reaching out to people. You see big artists who put themselves on a higher pedestal than those around them, everybody flocks to them yet they don’t seem to be doing things to bring value to people other then put out their music, which a lot of the time is very self absorbed in what they’re saying. But I ‘m not one to judge them, I love that shit most the time, and I can almost guarantee that’s just talking the talk and when it really comes down to it and being a good person, they are doing things behind the scenes to help people out and touch their lives without trying to glorify it or get props for it.

But one thing I’ve noticed, is it’s always the artists who are starting to get a bit of shine and a little bit of buzz (definitely not all) that seem to try and emulate what they see in these top A-list successful artists and act like they are completely above everyone because they have got a taste of what it’s like to get a few hundred likes every time they drop a picture on Instagram. I think the minute you put yourself above everyone else…you’ve automatically lost.

After 3 years of making music thus far, this week was my first real taste of realising there are people out there who actually give a fuck about what I’m doing. For a while I always felt like starting out I was in this bubble of having close friends and people I knew who were supporting my shit which do not get it twisted, I am so fuckin grateful for. But after a while, you can only go see a friend perform and follow them for so long before you start feeling like you get a “been there done that” mentality and done enough to show them your support. That’s something I totally understand as I’ve done it in the past with some of my friends who play a certain sport at a high level or DJ etc etc.

I’ve always done my best and made it my effort to talk to people reaching out to me, giving me props for my music, asking about features and if I can check out their beats and everything else that comes with it, but this week, after really putting all ego aside and instead.. going out of MY way to follow people, talk to people first, I honestly can’t believe some of the things people have said to me and cannot believe how many people legitimately whole heartedly give a fuck about what I’m doing.

Sometimes social media can be misleading. The number of likes and shit you get..The amount of time's I've watched something that made me laugh or I thought was super dope that took me away from the original facebook post and I haven't gone back to like it to show that I actually got value from it happens more often then not..Not only that, but how many times do you just like someones shit cause you think they're an awesome person instead of how dope the content actually is.. It's a fast paced world online and more often then not a popularity contest.. So basing your impact on that alone isn't worthwhile. There are a lot more people watching your shit and benefiting from it then you might realise..

I’ve had people from all over this country ask me when am I’m coming to their city, when am I coming to Melbourne, when am I coming to Adelaide, when am I coming to Perth, Sydney, Byron Bay… I’ve had people like yo…PLEASE tell me when you’re coming here I will show you around, drive you around, you can stay at my house.. And I’m just like yo, wtf… I’m blown away that people actually want to give up their time and give their hospitality all because they gel with my music.

I’ve had people from the US and UK tell me they love my shit and they listen to Hip Hop in Australia over everything else in their countries.. And I’m like, man, your country (the states for example) invented this shit and have some of the absolute best artists in the world what is it about the Australian stuff you like better.. And to hear some of these explanations is just such an injection of motivation and inspiration to me that I can’t help but to want to open up the minds of more and more people overseas and make a real cross over impact.. and especially here in Aus, to keep showing these people who wanna take me in like a 10 hitch hiking on the side of the highway what I’m all about and provide them with real proper value.

I put a photo up on my Instagram the other day saying I’m feeling generous so anyone who wants a copy of Hands Tied To The Sky..leave me your address in the comments or a direct message and I’ll post it out to you. Lets just say I’m probably going to have to file for bankruptcy after I make a trip to the post office tomorrow..that response was overwhelming as fuck.. Thanks for sending me broke and making me hand write all these addresses. I need an assistant..

This week I’ve also started recording other artists who are struggling to find somewhere to record that isn’t going to break their bank and have a couple more teed up over the next couple weeks. Let me say this, I think there’s also added value to what these people and potentially you (hit me up) are getting from such a low fee. You could go to a studio, the gears great, you pay for what you get with the equipment, but you’ll more then likely be working with an engineer who 9 times outta 10 doesn’t have a lick of hip hop in him. This is where me and my skills, direction and ideas as an artist myself come into play. I feel and know the added benefits you are going to get for such a small fee coming in and working on your joints with me outweighs the studio equipment costs and is going to be something a lot more beneficial to you.

I’ve had an absolutely insane week. I’m in a place where I’m absolutely loving life compared to this time last year where the battles with a chronic illness were getting the better of me on any given day and I had to really fight my own head and body every day.

New Hilltop album is absolutely one of the best things I’d ever heard. I sent a text to Suffa on Friday saying Man..You guys honestly make some of the best music across the entire world across every genre. I think I can speak for the entire population of people going through some shit who are lucky enough to hear your music to say thankyou for doing what you guys do and doing it so well. Amazing album..

And on that note. Enjoy the week ahead. Thankyou for reading this much of my thoughts.

The wizard Kebun has just showed me the first draft of the video for JoDeci.. Expect that to drop this week ahead. If you could do me the absolute stellar favour of sharing it on your socials this week when it drops that would mean the absolute most to me. Your support will not go unrewarded.


Fuck Valentines Day For LOVE

Skateboarding was my life. The first time I set the soles of my globes onto the griptape was 12 years old. I did that relentlessly 7 days a week until I was 21. A lot of people take breaks for months or even years because they lose interest. The only time i ever took breaks was due to injury, and even then I remember being at the St. Laurences playing fields doing ollies up the gutter in the carpark with a god damn cast on my broken foot as the Iona year 8 A's I should have opened the bowling for were playing cricket. I took all the laces out of my right shoe just so I could open it up big enough to put over my foot in a cast. If that doesn't say I love you skateboarding I don't know what the fuck does. But not all love stories work out, even when you think they are 'the one' and you could never see yourself with, or in this case doing, anything else.

Around the time of my 21st Birthday, one of the most ridiculously fun nights of my life equipped with an apartment full of the lads and a surprise visit from a stripper they had organised, things went a bit downhill in camp D and the stomach saga which I talk about from time to time as it's quite an overwhelming, overpowering life changing factor in my life began to start. As my stomach issues started to become a little more problematic the point came where I had to quit work, move back to my mums house and basically sit in a bean bag for months on end as i struggled with life everyday losing weight, strength and my mind. Growing up I used to play a fuckload of sport, I used to skateboard every day, go to gym and lift weights 5 days a week, to sum it up I was active as fuck.

But all is not lost. No ma'am, no sir, I may have lost weight for the time being, lost contact with people due to being a recluse, even lost my mind at some points..But this journey has opened up my self awareness and one thing I know for certain through the absolute suffering I've felt through my being, is I have a spirit deep within me that will not motherfucking give up. I'm not a guru on all things life I don't give a fuck about trying to be some sort of sage or life coach or some shit, cause when people do that the first think you think is basically "yeah righto mate"..But there is something I do want to do, and it's as simple as this.. (Especially for people who aren't sure what they're mean't to be doing in life)..I want to show you through my experiences and story telling that there are other loves in your life waiting to be had and discovered.

I know it's cliche' as fuck but if you asked me while I was in the absolute depths of my passion for skating, would I be boasting an even stronger love for writing and recording music, using my ideas to create videos, writing content like this to share with you, designing and selling my own clothing.. I would have said no fucking way, I'm ballsdeep into grinding these ledges. (By the way the things I mentioned I'm now doing, everyone takes these sort of things way too lightly and sees them of lesser value simply because everybody has the opportunity now to do this and it's easily accessible.. Not everybody thinks they can be a LeBron James, or a Michael Phelps, but everybody for one reason or another thinks they can be a Kendrick Lamar or a Kanye West like it doesn't require as much effort or skill to build that brand and become that.. You are fucking the longest of shots.) That isn't a counter intuitive argument saying, not everybody can do this..if this is your thing and you love it by all means, prove to the people around you, prove to the world that it is. What I'm saying is people don't take building a brand or releasing music as seriously because many people have abused it. But I fucking love it, every bit of it and that is going to be backed up by the lengths I will take this shit too and the progress I make along the way. I do not give a fuck what anybody says to me or thinks. If you think I'm way over my own head (god willing my stomach doesn't slow me too much) sit back and watch you jealous hating ass sod.

We took a little detour, but back on track. I've dropped out of uni three times. The fact I even got to uni after being expelled in grade 12 is a feat of its own. Things have happened which have showed me a new direction and still continue too. Don't ever be so set in your negative mindset of hopelessness that you can't see the foreseeable future and the shit that's legitimately fucking waiting for you around the corner. The one thing you have to do to ensure this, is get off your ass. Even when I was so weak and headspun I couldn't stand for more then like 2 minutes without feeling like death was whispering to me, I was mentally "getting off my ass". I had a voice inside me telling me I am the fucking man and I can overcome this shit. Rome was not built in a day my friends. Look inside yourself, take note of your strengths, your real strengths, don't keep looking at your weaknesses and think, I'm so useless because of these, just look at your strengths and run with them, put your weaknesses in the bin and use your strengths to find people around you who are strong in those weak areas.. I can't skateboard right now, I can't play sport right now.. Oh well, shit happens.. Look what I'm doing right now with my time on a Sunday, I'm not crying cause I can't..I'm writing this shit, I ask I enjoying this shit, fucking oath lad. I feel like the way I write from this first person perspective and don't give a shit about editing and being super proper with the grammar and more conversational is something people enjoy reading, like fuck it I might even write a book one day.. I wrote and recorded a new song today and couldn't stop smiling I was even laughing in the recording at the excitement I have for this track.. I have this intuitive unexplainable factor within me which I know is going to shift the paradigm and thinking of the way people see hip hop in this country and I will stand by that. I'm a competitive person, that's a strength of mine.. You see what I'm getting at? I've been watching too much Gary Vaynerchuk.. I may have even gone off topic. I don't even know anymore haha. I hope in the very least you got SOMETHING from this. Peace!

We're all going through it, but we're strong enough to do it - Daley Grinders

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